The Team

Katarina Stojković – Veseli Zalogaji

– Graduate of FON, with a major in marketing and PR
– From the age of 16, worked with media, both in front of and behind the scenes as an editor and radio presenter for more than 15 years, and almost as many as a journalist and TV producer of various TV formats
– Employed in a foreign company as marketing manager for the past three years, while developing the project Veseli Zalogaji as the sole founder and owner
“Cooking has been my obsession ever since I stopped breastfeeding and had to introduce solid foods into my child’s diet. Where to start, what is healthy, what do babies love, what will satisfy her and finally make her sleep all night? The questions kept coming, as we slowly grew and acquired beautiful and healthy eating habits. I used the same principle with my second child. From the second year, when my older daughter joined kindergarten, words like: disgusting, I don’t like that, this is not nice, I don’t want to eat it became the everyday sentences. This is not just the case at our house, but in every household with children. Therefore Veseli Zalogaji was an interesting way to try to make picky eaters eat their food and be amused. This has been proven as the perfect recipe at my house and I hope the trick will work for you. I try to make all dishes quick to prepare, and their content accessible.”

Tatjana Popović – Totally Wellness

– Certified health coach, author, lecturer, creator and organizer of “5 days detox program”
– Moved to New York in the early twenties, where I completed my health coaching studies at the world-renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition
– In 2014, founded my brand called Totally Wellness

“I started eating healthy when I was diagnosed with cancer of my left kidney in 2005. I decided to quit chemotherapy, and  with the help of a prestigious Hollywood macrobiotics consultant, Mina Dobić, give this diet a chance. I mastered the basics and eventually grew my knowledge. Today, I live and work in Serbia, actively helping clients improve their diet and lifestyle. ”

Tamara Ćosić – Lepa svaki dan

– Beauty advisor, make-up educator and a great enthusiast for aesthetics and beauty with a degree in economics
– A professional make-up artist who runs make-up courses for all women who want to make themselves beautiful
– I learn from doctors of aesthetic medicine whom I closely work with

“Imagine a child whose first word was” lipstick “and who was fascinated by beautiful, well-groomed women who would sit on her lap and follow the line of eyeliner and lip pencil with their finger. That child was and remains, and has expanded her interests and love for aesthetic medicine greatly.