The benefits of consuming salads

Iceberg Salad Center was founded in the ’90s of the XX century and since then it has been a leader in the production of salads in Serbia. It is the name of the company and synonym for the best-selling and most popular salad in our country. It is interesting that the Iceberg Salad Center company annually produces and sells about 2,500,000 salads and all of which find their way to consumers in fresh and processed form. Let’s trust these experts and allow them to present us with the important advantages of consuming salads.

The most famous salads, in addition to iceberg, are: Crystal Lettuce, Lollo Bionda and Lollo Rosa, and they are all among the salads that are most popular in the world.

Did you know that 100 grams of lettuce contains only 17 inches?
Did you know that 95% of lettuce is water?
Do you know that children can eat salad even before their first year of life?

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The benefits of red lettuce
Red lettuce is commonly used in Serbia for food decoration, which is unfortunately wrong. Their chemical composition is incredibly nutritive, they are rich in various antioxidants (anthocyanins, phenols, vitamins), which is their main advantage over green lettuce. They should be consumed on an equal footing with green, if not more.

From what age are salads used?
Salads can be found on the children’s menu before their first year. It is important to point out that lettuce is also highly recommended for diabetics, because they have a low glycemic index and contain very few calories. Lettuce is suitable in the diet because of the general beneficial effect on metabolism as well as lipid metabolism, the ratio of good and bad cholesterol, large amounts of vitamins C, A, vitamin B complex, vitamin K, magnesium, potassium and iron. Due to the large number of fibers and high water content, lettuce provides satiety and hydration of the organism.

Which lettuce should be paid more attention to due to its nutritional composition?
Leafy lettuce is first on that list (Lolla Bionda, Lolla Rosa and Kristalka). Their nutritional value is the highest. Do not forget about red lettuce and its composition, which provides a wealth of antioxidants that have a beneficial effect on immunity, contribute to the proper functioning of the heart, muscles, protect nerve cells and reduce the risk of inflammatory processes. Due to the secondary metabolites it contains (lactucine), lettuce speeds up the metabolism and provides easier sleep.

How are salads stored properly?
Before storing in the refrigerator, it is recommended to cut the root, separate the leaves, wash each one, and then dry it with a towel. The salad is then placed in a napkin and stored in a closed bag. The napkin can also be left in the bag, because then it has a double effect: on the one hand, it collects excess liquid, and on the other hand, it provides the necessary moisture. When storing salad in bags, it is important to point out that its leaves are tender and damage can easily occur when pushing or squeezing the bag. An important note is that lettuce should not be stored next to fruits and vegetables such as pears, apples and tomatoes, because they release ethylene, which affects the faster ripening of fruits and vegetables and can lead to faster decay of lettuce leaves.

Should we be afraid of pesticides in lettuce?
If all agro-technical requirements are met, pesticides should not have a negative impact on human health. The withdrawal period is the number of days from the last application of pesticides to the time of harvest. During this period, the applied pesticides are completely decomposed or decomposed to levels below the maximum permitted amount of residues provided by the regulations.

Iceberg Salad Center is proud to announce that it has introduced the use of biopesticides in its production, which in most cases do not have a waiting period. Biopesticides are preparations for the protection of cultivated plants based on beneficial microorganisms, plant and animal extracts and minerals. Their application is not harmful to the environment, they do not leave residues and toxic substances in the soil and plants and they decompose quickly. The company points out that the primary goal is to make each product as high quality and safe as possible.

Which lettuce is Iceberg Salat Center especially proud of?
Definitely Iceberg lettuce, whose name the company bears. In the first half of this year, about 200 tons of this lettuce were produced, a huge amount for our region. The second most common is Crystal Lettuce, recognized by consumers as one of the highest quality types of lettuce.

During its existence, Iceberg Salad Center was the first on our market to offer consumers new types of salads, such as: Oak Leaf, Lollo Lettuce, Iceberg-Flavored Crystal.

Which food is best when combined with lettuce?
One of the important advantages of lettuce is that they have no time and combination restrictions with other foods. Lettuce can be eaten with anything and anytime. It goes well with other vegetables, meat, fish, potatoes. It is recommended for all meals, due to the small amount of calories it contains. Another important advantage of lettuce is that it is not thermally processed, so that all its nutrients (vitamins, minerals) are used to the maximum when consumed. With a 100 gram daily intake, about 150% of vitamin K will be added to your diet in relation to the required daily amount.

On behalf of the Iceberg Salad Center Company: Milica Stojanovic, B.Sc.

Our host: Katarina Stojkovic, Veseli Zalogaji

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